Disney’s ‘Elemental’ Film Featuring Non Binary Character Saw Disappointment On The Opening Weekend.

Disney’s Pixar new movie ‘Elemental’ is a 2023 movie featuring the first ever non binary character has become the lowest debut ever for a Pixar movie. The movie is a computer based animated film of a romantic-comedy genre. the film is directed by Peter Sohn and is produced by Denise Ream. The film is set in the fictional world of a element city and in this element city ”The peoples of fire , water, earth, and air live together

Glimpse of the movie:

The movie is featuring elements of life and their togetherness. In the movie there are people of elements of water ,fire , earth and air. out of these elements fire elements Bernier and Cinder immigrate to Element city where they face Xenophobia from other elements and struggle to find a home. They have a daughter, Ember and eventually establish a convenience store called the fireplace. setting up a blue flame that represents their heritage tradition. A new character appears taking pity on Ember , Wade brings her to cyclone stadium to convince gale to be more lenient on the violations. Ember is about to take over the fireplace Wade appears and professes his love for her when the flood recedes a grief stricken Ember confesses to Bernier that she does not want to run the fireplace and expresses her love for Wade. Realizing Wade has seeped into the stone ceiling Ember plays the crying game to get him to drip back into his normal form. Months later Ember and Wade are now a couple.


The film is directed by Peter Sohn who previously directed the feature film , ‘The Good Dinosaur’ comes up with a concept to Pixar to develop a film based on Elements of life.

Animation and Design:

The movie is set in a fictional story set up . Element city was made after the New York city as a series of immigrant composed of organic material that would complement each element. An example can be fire town which was constructed with ceramic, metal, bricks. The set designers at the studio looked to cities like Venice and Amsterdam for inspiration.


The film was released as the closing film at the 76th Cannes film festival on may 27 , 2023 followed by a worldwide premiere on June 10 , 2023 at Tribeca festival.

Five reasons for the failure of the movie at the box office:

Pixar is no longer the prestige brand it used to be

The Pixar movie studio was known for its fact of giving hits back to back but the Pixar movie studio has been in a rut for the past few years.

The movie premiere backfired

In an attempt to learn from their past mistakes the Pixar has decided to debuted the movie as the closing film festival at the 76th Cannes film festival in hope to get publicity from the event but no fruit bores.

The movie opened in a very crowded summer movie window

Another reason for its poor performance because its opening as it is premiered along side a slew of other buzz worthy titles.

The cinema is struggling generally

Due to the covid 19 pandemic people are no more interested to visit to movie theater like they use tto do earlier.

The marketing plan was not suffice

The final reason for the movies failure is the marketing plan regarding the movie weekend opening which look for various factors to watch the movie.

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