India And United States Relations Capitulate Many Crucial Agreements

India and the US through the visit of Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi on Thursday announced a number of agreements on defense , cooperation , critical and emerging technologies , health, environment ,visas and space including a deal which could pave the way for an unprecedented transfer of jet engines.

Deals India And US Signed:

India and US has signed various deals and agreements in various fields and sectors and they are as follows:

In The Tech Sector

Strengthening semiconductor supply chain:

Micron technology with the Indian semiconductor mission will invest more than $800 million for a semi conductor assembly

In The Mineral Sector:

The United States and India have become the new partners or alliances of (MSP) Mineral Security Partnership for the diverse development of sustainable critical energy numerals

Space sector:

India and US has recently signed the Artemis Accords which is a common vision of space discovery and exploration.

Innovation Handshake:

India and US has recently take an initiative on critical and emerging technology which is better known by the name (ICET)

In The Defense Sector:

India and US has signed various deals and agreement in the defense sector

Ge414 engine production is one of them. the India and US have signed an agreement together to jointly produce the fighter jet engines in India . India and US have also signed an agreement in the drone sector . India intends to procure armed MQ- 9 drones from US

India And US Relations:

India and United States Of America share bilateral relations with each other through the SOS agreement that is security of supply agreement and a reciprocal defense procurement RDP agreement aiming to promote long term chain stability . An SOS agreement is a bilateral or multilateral agreement between countries aimed at assuring the availability and stability of vital supplies in the sector of defense and security whereas on the other hand an RDP agreement is also a bilateral agreement between countries in the field of defense sector . It is designed to facilitate reciprocal procurement of defense items and promote cooperation in research development and production of defense equipment.

Economic relations of India and the United States Of America are on a wider and broader means . The bilateral trade between India and United States Of America has increased by 7.65% to 128.55 in 2022-2023.

International cooperation is a major part of India and United States Of America . both the nations mainly cooperate at multilateral organizations and summits including the United Nations, G-20, ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) to name a few.

The United States Of America also welcomed India joining a UN Security Council on 2021 for a term of two years


The India and United States Of America relationship vital for the world in the 21st century to realize the power of cooperation the governments of both the nations must now work together to clinch the agreements and set a new course and way for the world.

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