‘Mayan City’ discovered In The Mexican Jungle.

Archeologists in Mexico have made a significant discovery in the dense jungle of the ‘Yucatan Peninsula ‘ which is uncovering the remains of an ancient Mayan city by the anthropologists of the National Institute for Anthropology and history of southern Mexico.

Major Findings During The Discovery:

The ancient Mayan city discovered is a city which includes large pyramids like buildings , stone columns , three plazas, with imposing buildings and other structures which are arranged in almost concentric circles. the city is named as Ocomtun meaning ‘ stone column’ in the Yucatec Maya language . it is located in the Balamku ecological reserve on the county’s Yucatan Peninsula . it was discovered during a search of a largely stretch jungle using the LIDAR technology.

Mayan Civilization:

The Mayans are probably the best known civilizations . This civilization originates in the Yucatan Peninsula around 2600 B.C .they rose to prominence around A.D. 250 in present day southern Mexico , Guatemala, Northern Belize and Western Honduras . building on the inherited inventions and ideas of earlier civilization , the Mayan developed Astronomy, Calendrical system and Hieroglyphic writing . they were also noted for elaborate and highly decorated ceremonial architecture , which includes temple pyramids, palaces, and observatories . The people of Mayan civilization were also skilled farmers , clearing large sections of tropical rainforest and where groundwater was scarce building sizable underground reservoirs for the storage of rainwater .


The Ocomtun site has a core area , located on high ground surrounded by extensive wetlands , that includes several pyramid like structures upto 15 meters high lead archeologist Ivan Sprajc . The city also had a ball court . pre Hispanic ball games , widespread throughout the Maya region consist of passing a rubber ball representing the sun across a court without the use of hands and getting it through a s mall stone hoop . the game is believed to had an important religious purpose.

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