Meta’s Threads App : A New Rival For Twitter

Meta has recently launched a new application named as threads just like Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta’s CEO and co founder announced the debut of Threads on Wednesday. marking the official release of the new text messaging app. The Threads App is now available to download for free on the Apple App store and Google Play store in over 100 countries. Threads is a App where communities come together to discuss everything from the topics you care about today to what will be trending tomorrow.


Threads is a text based messaging app that looks very similar to Twitter. People will be able to use their Instagram usernames on Threads and follow the same accounts on Threads accounts as they do on Meta’s photo sharing app. On the Threads app people will be able to publish Threads posts that are upto 500 characters long and people will also be able to share links, photos and videos. thar can be as long as 5 minutes.

How Is Threads Different To Twitter:

Unlike Twitter Threads does not have hashtag feature and does not have that feature that allows user to search for specific text or phrases. It allows user to share upto 10 photos in a single post .

Is Threads Same As Twitter?

One Major difference between Threads and Twitter is that twitter does not include any direct messaging capabilities .

Is Threads App Available In India?

Meta has officially launch the Threads App worldwide including India . The App is now available for free download on Google Play Store for android users and on the Apple Store for iphone users.

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