PM Modi Conferred With ‘Order Of The Nile ‘ Award , Egypt’s Highest State Honor,

Egyptian President Abdel Fateh EL-Sisi on Sunday conferred Egypt’s highest state honour , ‘Order of the Nile’ to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Cairo . The two nations also signed an Memorandum of Understanding with each other. Prime Minister also visited the country’s 11th century AL- Hakim Mosque in Cairo . This Mosque has been restored with the help of India’s Dawoodi Bohra community. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was shown around the Mosque whose latest restoration was completed three months ago .The Mosque mainly performs Friday prayers and all five obligatory prayers.

Al – Hakim Mosque:

The Mosque of Al – Hakim is a historic mosque in Cairo , Egypt . It is named after Al-Hakim bi Amr Allah (985-1021) , the sixth Fatimid caliph and 16th Ismaili Imam . Construction of the mosque was originally started by Caliph al-Aziz , the son of al-Mu’izz and the father of al hakim in 990 AD. The facades and minarets of the mosque are made from stone , while the rest of the structure is made of brick . the mosque’s rectangular layout consists of an open courtyard surrounded by arcades on four sides. behind these arcades are roofed areas divided into aisles by more arcades that run parallel to the sides of the courtyard. an unusual feature of the mosque is the monumental main entrance on the western side with its projecting stone portal . one of the artistic elements of the mosque are Quranic inscriptions done in floriated Kufic script . The mosque is said to have had twelve thousand feet of Kufic inscriptions. Kufic inscriptions feature on all four sides of each of the five bays of the prayer hall .

Order of The Nile Award :

The Order of The Nile was established in 1915. This Award is Egypt’s highest state honor . It was established by the Hussein Kamel of Egypt for award to persons who had rendered useful service to the country . it ranked beneath the Order of Ismail and was frequently awarded to British officers in Egypt. The order has five classes

  • Grand Cordon with Collar
  • Grand Cordon
  • First Class
  • Second Class
  • Third Class

Elements of the Award:

The order of the Nile showcases a collar made of pure gold , consisting of three square gold units adorned with Pharaonic symbols. The first unit represents the concept of safeguarding the state against malevolence , while the second unit symbolizes the prosperity and bliss. the third unit signifies wealth and endurance embodying the importance of these qualities to Egypt. these units are connected by a circular gold flower ornamented with turquoise and ruby . hanging from the collar is a pendant in hexagonal shape ornamented with flowers . At the Centre of the pendant a prominent emblem is present which symbolizes the unity of the Nile with the North which is denoted by the Papyrus and the south which is represented by the lotus.

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