Titan Submersible Suffered a ‘ Catastrophic Implosion’.

On June 22 a submersible which had five people carrying on it on a voyage to found the Titan shipwreck was founded in pieces due to a Catastrophic Implosion that became the reason for the death of the five voyagers. A robotic vehicle which was deployed by a Canadian ship discovered debris near the submersible Titan on the morning on the seabed about 1600 feet. The Titan submersible was operated by the US based company Ocean Gate Expedition .


The five men who were on the submersible including the company’s founder and Chief Executive Officer Stockton Rush who was also piloting the submersible and the four others were British billionaire were Hamish, Harding .A Pakistani businessman named Shehzada Dawood and his son Suleman was also present.

What is a submersible:

A submersible is a ship capable of submerging and which can operate in under water . it is basically a watercraft which is designed to operate underwater . it is usually supported by a nearby surface vessel , platform . there can be various types of submersibles which includes both Human Occupied Vehicles (HOV) and uncrewed vehicle which is also known as Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) . there is another type of submersibles known as commercial submersibles . commercial submersibles are those submersibles which are made for tourism, exploration and adventure travel.

Catastrophic Implosion:

The main reason the tragedy is the Catastrophic Implosion . A Catastrophic implosion is a process in which objects are destroyed by collapsing when they are squeezed in on themselves . implosion is the opposite of explosion. implosion results in reducing the volume . A true Implosion usually involves a difference between a internal and external pressure .

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