UK Government Plan To Send Asylum Seekers To Rwanda?

The UK government has recently taken a decision of sending Asylum Seekers to Rwanda. But according to the court of appeal the policy is unlawful.

What Is The Rwanda Asylum Plan?

This is a five year trial announced in April 2022 in which the Asylum Seekers will be send to Rwanda to seek Asylum there. They can have status of granted refugees to stay in Rwanda. The government said that the plan will deter arriving in the UK through illegal , dangerous route or means. More than 45,700 used this route to come to the U.K. in 2022. No Asylum Seeker has actually been sent to Rwanda so far


Rwanda is one of the safest destination in Africa for solo travelers . Rwanda officially known as the Republic Of Rwanda . It is landlocked country in the Great Rift Valley of Central Africa. Rwanda is bordered by Uganda , Tanzania , Burundi , and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is highly Elevated. It is the fifth most densely populated country in the world. Its capital is Kigali. Rwanda has been governed as a Unitary Presidential System with a Bicameral Parliament. Although Rwanda has low levels of corruption , it ranks among the lowest international measurements of government transparency , civil liberties and quality of life. Rwanda economy is mainly based on the Subsistence Agriculture. Coffee and Tea are the major cash crops to export to Rwanda. Tourism is also a growing sector in Rwanda.

How Many People Could Be Sent To Rwanda?

A previous statement made by the UK government claimed that anyone entering the UK illegally after 1 January 2022 would be sent to Rwanda. Rwanda said that it can process 1,000 asylum seekers during the trial period but it has capacity for more asylum seekers . under the deal Rwanda can also ask the UK to take in some of its refugees.

The Plan Cost?

The UK government has paid Rwanda a total amount of 140 million dollars for the scheme . An economic impact assessment prepared for the government’s illegal Migration Bill estimated that removing each individual to a third country such as Rwanda would cost around 63000dollars in UK currency.

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